Personal Statement

IMG Residency Advisers understands the importance of the Medical Residency Personal Statement and the effect it can have on the ERAS Application. Program directors focus on many aspects of the application, including USMLE scores, MSPE Dean’s letter, Letters of Recommendation, and overall performance in medical school. When it comes time to apply for residency, most of these parts of the ERAS application have been set and cannot be changed The Medical Residency Personal Statement is one of the few elements each applicant has direct control over when completing the ERAS Application.
At IMG Residency Advisers, our customized Residency Personal Statement Editing and Review Service will help you create a lasting impression on Program Directors and Interview Committees. Our residency medical advisers consist of previous applicants who have obtained medical residencies in US Programs and have analyzed the best strategies necessary to positively stand out in your ERAS Application during the NRMP Residency Match.

Why IMG Residency Advisers:

Simply put, we’ve been there. We are a team of US and IMG medical students who have learned the best secrets and strategies to optimize an ERAS personal statement and overall application. We know what residency directors like to hear, and we are dedicated to help you match to a US Residency.

You’re Busy, We Get it:

Medical School is no joke. Hours of wards, USMLE exams, NBME Shelf Exams, and not to mention your personal life. The time you have dedicated to your duties is overwhelming, and now you have the most important application to perfect: the ERAS application. The Medical Residency Personal Statement is not something you can cram for the night before it’s due. This is the one chance to describe who you are and the path you’ve taken toward becoming the best Medical Doctor you can be. That’s why we are here - let us help you during the NRMP Residency Match by perfecting the Personal Statement in your ERAS Application.

It’s in the Details:

Writing a personal statement for medical school is one thing, writing one for your ERAS Application during the NRMP match is a whole different experience. At IMG Residency Advisers, not only will we edit and review your Medical Residency Personal Statement, we’ll also be sure to clearly highlight your distinguishable characteristics. Program Directors in Medical Residencies read hundreds of Personal Statements each year. The goal is to stand out in a creative way that will attract the interview committee to read your Medical Residency Personal Statement and remember it. Applying to a US Medical Residency is difficult as it is, but applying as an IMG is an additional obstacle. Many of our advisers have been on interview committees and know which features separate NRPM Match applicants from Unmatched applicants. Let IMG Residency Advisers help you succeed by reviewing and editing one of the most crucial components of your ERAS Application.